Room decorator ideas on a budget

by Judy White 06/02/2024

With the right ideas, you can make budget room decoration worthy of a professional. Save your hard-earned money on simple DIY solutions rather than hiring an interior designer, and you'll end up with a design all your own. If you want to achieve room decor befitting an expert, here are some ideas to inspire you:

Update existing furniture

Updating your existing furniture is always a more budget-friendly room decor idea than buying new pieces. There are many ways you can update your furniture to make them seem new. In some cases, a simple bit of wood varnish or fabric cleaner can work wonders. For upholstered furnishings, you can often have the upholstery replaced entirely with new fabric for a fresh start.

While this option does cost more than a few rounds with a steam cleaner, it's easy on the budget and makes a big impact in a space. To save more, try using virtual interior design tools to preview new fabrics and colors before you buy them.

Avoid too many matching pieces

It's common for furniture retailers to sell entire sets of matching furniture. However, a more cost-conscious room decorator idea would be to avoid matching sets and instead mix furniture from multiple sources. You can find vintage or secondhand furnishings in excellent condition and combine them to create a truly unique design. If you want to maintain a more formal style, a set of matching armchairs or a chair and sofa combo are perfect without breaking the bank.

Don't forget window coverings

Window coverings are essential to great room design, and they don't need to cost a fortune. DIY savvy homeowners can make their own curtains with fabric bought in bulk. Even the most simple curtains can affect the aesthetics of the entire room and make it seem professionally decorated.

For smaller windows, try light-colored or sheer drapes to make the space feel complete without sacrificing natural light. Adding even the simplest window coverings is a room-decor idea you can use no matter the size of your budget.

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